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Land Rover Roof Rack Guide

When it comes to buying and installing a roof rack system for your Land Rover, we're the best company to help you. We are experts in leading customers find what system is fit for the roof of their vehicles. There are important considerations when choosing a Land Rover roof rack.

Selecting a Roof Rack for Your Rover

Roof racks come in various shapes and sizes. When shopping, it is important that you focus on your needs. In particular, you have to know in advance what types of loads you intend to mount on your vehicle.

There are racks that have been designed mainly for carrying recreational items that include bikes, roof boxes, skis and kayaks. Businessmen have different needs. For them, they use their vehicles for business items such as timber, conduits and ladders. If you are one of them, the recommendation is that you consider racks that are meant to do heavy-duty jobs.

4WD enthusiasts are also targets for the heavy-duty design. If you belong to this group, you should buy a heavy-duty roof rack for your Rover. It will do a good job of carrying your massive loads. Added to that is the idea that there huge range of compatible 4WD accessories, which include can holders, shovel holders, lifting jack holders and trays.

When choosing a roof rack, you will have to take into consideration thing like load capacity. Look into the load rating of the unit you are considering. This is the load capacity that the combined vehicle roof and its roof rack are rated to. You also need to compare the width of the load you intend to carry against the length of the rack's bar. Read your Rover's manual on the weight capacity of your roof. Make sure that you don't go overboard.

Features to Consider

There are things that might be important to you to check on. Here are some:

  • Easy installation: Some roof rack systems work as a single unit when installed or removed. It means that all the legs and the crossbars can be moved without separating them as parts or pieces of parts.
  • Type of Bars: Racks have round, oval, blade-shaped and square bars. Know which one suits you the most. If you want stronger bars, go for the square type. If you want to put rooftop accessories like bike racks, then round/elliptical bars are the perfect choice. Attachments are easier done with round bars.
  • No Drilling: You may want to consider installing a roof rack that doesn't require you to drill holes on the roof. There will be no worries about leaks or extra costs for sealing the holes, possibility of repairs, etc.

We want you to go through the options that we have in our store. Take note that we support cars, 4x4 vehicles, motor homes and caravans and car models include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Citroen, Volvo and Honda.

Give us a call for whatever question you have.


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