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How To Select The Right Vehicle For Courier Use

Before any courier work is carried out, one has to make sure that the vehicle they select fits the job at hand. If the items being transported are big then a large van will be the ideal vehicle to use. If it is small items that are being transported and these include things like documents and passports then small vans or motorcycles are the perfect vehicles for this job. Picking the wrong vehicle for courier use can make a simple job a lot harder than it actually is because multiple trips will have to be organised, it can be costly and lastly, there is a risk of overloading the vehicle. An overloaded vehicle on the road is an accident waiting to happen and if an accident does happen on the road, it can cost all parties involved a lot of money in damages and lawsuits if anyone suffers injury. How does one go about selecting the right vehicle for courier use? Below is a guide which one can use to ensure they select the right vehicle.

Small vans

When one wants multiple small packages transported in one trip then a small van is the ideal vehicle to use. Small vans are one of the most reliable and most effective vehicles for courier work. There are plenty of small vans which one can buy or book to suit their courier and the most popular one is the Ford Transit Connect.


This vehicle makes it easy for courier service providers to deliver small items in cities and towns. Motorcycles are not designed to transport large items which many see as a major disadvantage however, when it comes to avoiding a traffic jam, a motorcycle is an excellent vehicle when it comes to weaving through the traffic.

Large vans

In some occasions, large packages or parcels will need to be transported by businesses or clients and this is where a large van comes in because it provides plenty of flexibility and can carry a large amount of items that weigh a lot at once.

A car is a very good vehicle and it is reliable however; it is not really designed for courier use due to its lack of versatility especially if there are large items involved. Some small to medium sized items can be placed and transported in a car with ease but for those wanting large packages to be transported then a van is the perfect vehicle for that, rather than a car.

Overall one needs to be careful selecting a van when it comes to courier work. It is all about picking the right van which is suitable for the task at hand and when a courier service provider wants to add vans to their fleet, they need to make sure it is reliable and affordable. When the vehicle selected or bought for courier use is unreliable and keeps breaking down, it will need repairing all the time and this will cost the owner a lot of money. Instead of pocketing the profits, they will go to repairing the van which is never good for business as it stops the organisation from growing. Getting a new van is always the best option because buying a second hand van is risky. It can break down while on route to its destination and if this happens, more money will be spent hiring another courier to finish off the delivery of the job.


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